I never imagined that when Paige (my girlfriend) and I planned the “trip of a lifetime,” that I would have created a photo album entitled ‘Paige Napping’ within the first ten days. I probably wouldn’t have guessed that a member of our Balintro group would have been hit in the face with a used sanitary towel whilst learning to surf. I also never would have thought that I’d have to cross the road to avoid the roughly 500,000 stray dogs that live in Bali, all because I was far too tight to spend money on getting a Rabies vaccination. I’ll be honest, the thought didn’t cross my mind as well that if you don’t take your debit card out of an ATM within 3.6483 seconds (approximately) then it would swallow it forever. When handing in my letter of resignation, I never would have believed that I’d rather be stacking shelves in a supermarket than listening to the words “Would you like a massage?” 500 times a day, although again, this number is just an estimation. Originally I refused to write a blog about our travels, based on the fact that it’s been written about before, and we’ve not done anything that everybody and their dogs (hopefully the non-rabid kind) has done before. I then realised however, that while everyone at home in the UK is stuck in snow and rain, it would be quite satisfying to let them know how hot it is in Bali currently, and that the sunshine is very pleasant when you’re sipping cocktails on the beach. Also, swimming with turtles is an exceptionally unforgettable experience. I do promise though that I will never type the words, “Travelling has changed my life”. Ever. Because the only thing that travelling has changed in my life, is that I no longer eat five bowls of cereal a day. On the other hand, if you would like to read more about Paige’s sleeping habits and learn about how to wash clothes in a sink, then I suppose I can be of some help.