February 4th – February 5th

On the morning of the fourth, we checked out of our campsite as early as possible, just in case the crazy caretaker’s assistant tried to give us any more strange remedies for various ailments. We decided to take the longer route to our next campsite for two reasons. The first reason was that we wanted to take the mountain road because the scenic route is almost always more pleasant. The second reason is that we were scared to go on the motorway and the first reason was really just a coincidence. Despite this, we enjoyed our trip to the Sunshine Coast, and genuinely only managed to make five or six wrong turnings on the way. This would be relatively impressive on our two and a half hour journey, except for the fact that we weren’t meant to make any turnings at all (it was one long straight road), and the journey was only meant to take an hour and a half. That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy the drive; it’s hard to not enjoy a drive through the mountains listening to your favourite music, but needing a wee for two and a half hours is not something that I relish. 

When we arrived at our campsite for the night, we decided to be very cultured and get incredibly drunk on Pimms. How very British. Other than this we wasted away our first night by going to Woolworths, drinking more Pimms and going back to Woolworths. I just hate it when people don’t make the most of going travelling, hence why I like to go to Woolworths as often as possible, because we don’t get the opportunity to do so in England anymore. We’ve also realised that we should probably put the brakes on our crazy adventures, and put a stop to the relentless drinking. We even went wild enough to purchase some Maltesers during a late night shopping spree (half past eight), and I think that’s an indicator as to how far away Paige and I are from being ready for adult life. I would like to clarify to all friends and family that we went to bed soon after, so as to not cause any more mischief. I did however manage to fall out of the campervan at half past two in the morning, not from the side effects of drinking, but more due to the fact that I’m a clumsy oaf who has not learnt how to control all four limbs at the same time.

The next morning we decided to visit all of the beaches along the Sunshine Coast. When I say all, I mean one out of about six. And when I say visit, I mean we stood on the beach, took a single photo, and then left again, because we don’t like sand. Or the sun. I think we’re in the wrong country. Genuinely the drive along the coast is incredible, and if you are a beach person then I really cannot recommend any more highly that you visit this part of Australia. If not, just driving past is quite an experience. 

After ignoring all this beautiful scenery, we found ourselves in Noosa, which is a beautiful piece of paradise that doesn’t get the attention it deserves when you read about the East Coast. Noosaville and Noosa Heads, both situated next to Noosa River are lovely places to relax, have a drink or two and have a swim in the river, sea or the lakes in the surrounding area. Ignore that both towns sound like they’ve come straight from a Dr. Seuss book; I can assure you that the only similarities were the fact that Paige and I are not completely dissimilar to Thing 1 and Thing 2. I have to say that I enjoyed my initial experience of Noosa so much, that I found myself complaining about the fact that I had nothing to complain about. Not sure I’ve ever met someone more miserable than myself.

We ended the day camping in a car park in Noosa Riverside Camping Park, which is one of the nicest, albeit busiest places we’ve stayed in. We managed to grab one of the last spots in the site (hence the car park), but got lucky enough that we were right next to the river, and some of the most incredible sunsets imaginable. 

I feel like I have to end my blog on a sour note, so I will just have a quick moan about the noisy, joint-smoking hippies that spend the night dancing (floating?) to strange Indian music right outside our campervan. If you’re reading this, you’re weird.