February 6th – February 9th

Over the last few days, Paige and I made the decision to take it a little bit easy and relax. We’ve spent the last five weeks on various beaches, lounging around, swimming with turtles etc. so we thought it would be time to take a break from all that. We therefore decided to stay for a few nights in Noosa, as it seemed like the perfect place to get away from all the stress that we’ve been experiencing recently.On 6th February we wandered over to Main Beach (aptly named as it’s the main beach in Noosa), and had lovely lunch, a couple of smoothies and went on a little shopping spree (well, one of us did). So far our period of relaxation was going without a hitch. Unfortunately it was then that we hit a little snag. 

Up until this point, I had always believed that Paige and I had a pretty even relationship. However, when we decided to rent a two-man kayak, I realised that this was not the case. After paying for an hours rental, it suddenly dawned upon Paige that due to her bad back, she would not be able to paddle; I would have to do it by myself. I’ll be honest, I’ve never believed in being the stereotypical masculine figure in our relationship. Being asthmatic and having no muscles factors into that somewhere, and on top of that, Paige has always been in charge. You can imagine my dismay when I realised I’d have to transport Paige and myself halfway across the ocean, singlehandedly. So much for our nice time away from the stresses of everyday life. Our hour long kayaking adventure turned into a forty minute kayaking adventure because I got too tired, but it was very pleasant (horrible) nonetheless.

Perhaps I’ve been a little hasty. Kayaking/jet-skiing/paddle-boarding along the Noosa River is an extremely cheap, and worthwhile activity. Unless you like to moan like I do, in which case you’d hate it.

The next couple of days were much less strenuous I can assure you. We did nearly get killed by a stingray but other than that we managed to put our feet up for the rest of the time we spent in Noosa. I say killed, I mean, we saw three stingrays on three separate occasions, all along the same stretch of river and then proceeded to jump into that same part of the river one morning after breakfast, which basically means we nearly died. I’ve heard that stingrays can take down even the bravest of men, so who knows what it could have done to me. After jumping into the river we very quickly retreated after remembering how frequent sightings are. Close shave.

We left Noosa and headed to Rainbow Beach and on the way stopped at a little town called Gympie (yes, I laughed at the name as well), which has a Woolworths, the same as every other town in Australia, and not a lot besides. On the way to Gympie we realised a couple of things. Firstly, there is a Botanical Gardens on the route we took from Noosa. Secondly, sometimes it rains very heavily in Australia. Thirdly, the combination of rain and Botanical Gardens is not an enjoyable one, especially as the gardens are outside. We parked the van, ran to see a cactus and then left pretty rapidly. We’re very good at picking exciting places to visit. After staying in a rest stop next to a main road, and having Paige wash my hair in the disabled toilet (we used the sink, just to clarify), we headed off towards Rainbow Beach. 

The journey was lovely, and for once I mean that wholeheartedly. Once you leave Gympie, it’s effectively a long drive along a long stretch of road, surrounded by really beautiful forests. Saying that, the wind picked up so much that we nearly got blown into one of those forests, so perhaps I’ll keep my opinions to myself.

When we got there, we parked in our spot for the next two nights, overlooking the sea. We decided to take a trip round the town to take in all the sights, which took roughly five minutes. These sights included four backpacker hostels, two petrol stations and a beach. You can make up your own mind if it’s the holiday destination that dreams are made of, but Paige and I are big fans of petrol stations so we were very happy. It’s common knowledge that Rainbow Beach is just a stopover for those heading to Fraser Island, and that’s really reflected in the feel of the town. I will also say that the sunset was spectacular, and there’s an Italian that do really nice pizza, and you know how we feel about sunsets and pizza.